The Problem

We've recognized that political polarization is a very prevalent problem, especially due to social media and the news. In addition, politics is a touchy subject for most people, and some people are less than unwilling to consider the other side.

The Solution

We want to create a more open-minded world and encourage other people to acknowledge the other perspective. We created an extension called "Color Me Purple" that attempts to do just that. When activated, this Google Chrome Extension gathers the user's history and current tab information. If the user is on a "fake news" website, the icon on our extension is triggered and changes to the alert icon. If the user is on a reliable site, this doesn't happen. When the user reaches the end of the article, he or she is presented with an article of the same topic that is written by a news source with a different political bias. The user can also look at data visualizations that show how many conservative and liberal articles they've been reading over a specified period of time.

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