SheHack Boston @Author: Chris Tan and Crystal Zang from Smith College @Jan 28th, 2018

  • Clickmehealth aims to provide those whose are not familiar with English medical terminology.
  • With an interactive click-and-response environment, users can identify their symptoms and are given best diagnosis.


As an international student, I ran into situation that I couldn't articulate my symptoms, then I couldn't communicate with the doctor in order to be accurately diagnosised.


Start with this index html which will be your root page (the main page)



Start with this main css file inside the css folder



If you want to host your own images, put the image file (.jpg, .png, .gif) inside the picture directory.

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posted an update


Hi! The first link in "Try it out" is currently unstable because we just applied for the domain yesterday and the DFS configuration does not work quite well for now. For the complete version of out project, we suggest you go to out GitHub Repo and try it out! Thanks!

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