Feelnotes is a journal: you write how you feel each day, and Feelnotes stores your entries and listens to them.

Feelnotes uses the Google natural language processing API to assess your moods and find words that happen the most often when your sentiment scores are the highest. In the app, you are free to access visualizations of the data.

In a full version, Feelnotes will be able to:

  • Store your daily entries in a minimal, clean user interface
  • Send gentle daily reminders toward the end of the day for you to write something
  • Tracks your moods from week to week
  • Learns what may make you happy by finding important, frequently-used words when your moods are the highest
  • Show you back to yourself so that you can learn more about what you like to do when you're happy
  • Offer personalized quotes and resources depending on your recent interests/moods
  • Allow users to connect their own APIs through our MIT license from products such as Google Calendar or Fitbit to further analyze possible sources of good moods

Visualizations available to users in-app are to include:

  • Mood tracker line graph: Graphs tracking daily sentiment scores (Weighted against writing and self-reported numerical score)
  • Word webs, by mood: What words appear the most when you're the happiest? How about when you're sad, or angry? Learn about what makes you happy!
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