at this time the problems on the streets have been very late in the slow reporting coming to certain parties, especially now that there is an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus which makes things slow to do so therefore my team and I created an apk which can report all problems on the road and send to certain parties

Note: I haven't uploaded this apk to the Playstore due to a lack of a Play Console account

What it does

can make reports quickly to certain parties

How I built it

We built this project in Android Studio with its appearance, but for the prototype we built it with figma and coded it in XML and for the back-end we made it with java and php to connect it to the server using the json format and for the database we made it with DBMS

Challenges I ran into

For this project we face challenges and one of them is the number of bugs that are difficult for us to solve because the team is still lacking but we still solve the problem even though it is a rather long time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the many projects I can complete, the user experience, and the design across the app.

What I learned

the first time I used the JSON format and was able to implement it in andorid studio and use insomnia to run the JSON which I made in php

What's next for Road-Survey

I want to create points that can be redeemed rewards for users who make reports

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