From being unable to find open source sheet music to lengthy processes of writing sheet music for your favourite songs affordably, Sheetify satisfies every musical hobbyist's needs.

What it does

Sheetify takes in a single-layered .wav audio file and generates sheet music in PDF form for the user based on the audio file.

How I built it

The program as built-in python using the Aubio and ReportLab libraries. Aubio worked to interpret the sound file, like finding pitches and tempo, and ReportLab generated the PDF file of the sheet music.

Challenges I ran into

Combining code from different members, understanding and learning library documentation, solving problems created by imperfect and inefficient libraries, keeping code organized and commented for all members to comprehend

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of creating a basis for a musical program that could be very beneficial for others and in our own personal lives.

What I learned

How to use built-in features in editors to ease access to different packages and how to appreciate functions for repeated chunks of code.

What's next for Sheetify

Allowing the user to change scales and interpreting more complex layered music.

Built With

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