We want to put the clicker guys at May Balls out of business.

What it does

Counts the people that go in and out of a room, and tracks which room they are in. It limits the amount of people that can enter rooms, and has a permission system that allows people with assigned roles to enter in rooms during certain time frames. It's a real life RBAC system.

How we built it

Rust for backend, javascript for the frontend, and postgresql as a data store. The RFID chips are read and written to with arduino boards.

Challenges we ran into

We had to learn how to use arduino and RFID reader chips from scratch, which took us most of the time. We also had very little JavaScript experience, and had to learn that as well, and how to effectively use it for user interfaces. Rust is a language that has a very steep learning curve, especially when you go through the phase of "fighting the borrow checker".

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our working prototype despite our very limited programming experience. We are also proud to have managed to link software and hardware and put it to good use. We believe a highlight to be the map view and editor we use to setup the room and door layout.

What we learned

How to effectively connect hardware and software to solve real-world problems.

What's next for Sheeple

We'll pitch it to event organizers so that they can use it for event security.

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