We wanted to create a positive atmosphere in our lives through the use of music and we love music

What it does

We have made a robot that dances to the beat and created an app selects and plays music according to the scene. Just click a picture and the app analyzes the contents of the picture and pics a music on based on predictive analysis. While the app plays the music, Our cute robot cozmo busts a move to the tunes. Behind the scenes we have the analog BSP706 eval kit provided by SURE co., performs a low pass filtering on the music and our custom code on the Cozmo's SDK performs to the beat.

How I built it

Android App, Arduino, DSP Board, Cosmos, C, Python

Challenges I ran into

Robot dance!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing project in time

What I learned

Android and Cozmos

What's next for SheekDance

Improve business events, transportation areas, and patients Convert dance or music to theme picture

Built With

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