A metaphorical idea about representing a story with mechanics and immersive experience. It was developed from a short story written by Alex Walhout a few years ago.

What it does

It is a short web game

How we built it

We used impact.js to build the game from the ground up, making our own sprites, sounds, and levels

Challenges we ran into

Using impact.js to form a game with small helper tools and build what we needed with limited time and resources

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game is finished! It represents a whole experience. We learned many things about javascript, impact.js, photoshop, garageBand, and puzzles that we will walk away from accomplished!

What we learned

Building a game is hard work, it takes cooperation from all parts of a team and a mindset and stick-to-intuitiveness that is difficult to sustain. We learned how to work well and efficiently together and how to make a genuine art form come to life from concept to completion.

What's next for Shedding Light

We would like to expand the game, fix bugs, and refine sprite work to make the best creative and intellectual product possible.

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