Throughout the life of every woman, they transition into new roles firstly a vibrant adolescent teen, then a loving mother, and finally a mature lady. Often these transitions come with many challenges in biological and mental health aspects. Often young girls feel embarrassed to ask for advice about menstruation, or a first-time mother is confused and finds herself lonely when she is undergoing pregnancy. SheCares has support groups with a thriving community of awesome women uplifting each other. Also, an expecting mother needs exercise and frequent doctor visits, this app lets you keep track of it all. It is often seen there has been a disproportionate deficiency of vital minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, etc .. from the body of a lady above age 40 than a man of similar age. SheCares helps you to keep track of your pill by setting a pill chart and reminder on the calendar.

SheCares acts as a single stop shop of Woman Health care irrespective of the age or stage of their life, be it menstruation, pregnancy, or being at an elderly age.

Hence, we introduce … SheCares, your personal health assistant because you are never alone when She Cares.

What it does

  • SheCares aims to provides a platform for women at all age groups to monitor, track, discuss and get advice related to physical and mental health. Hitting adolescence for any girl can be hard since there are alot of changes both mentally and biologically and you need a support group to talk anonymously to, keep track of your period days or have a doctor at your finger tips to get advice from, SheCares helps you to keep everything organized and provide the much needed support.

  • Pregnancy is one of the most crucial stage of every woman's life. Often there are depressions related to pregnancy like postpartum depression and prenatal depression. SheCares helps to keep you motivated by having an awesome community of women who are going through the same things or have been through it by providing support groups. You can keep track of your doctor's visit or exercise schedule on a custom calendar and always have Doctors' information handly in case of emergency.

  • Finally, it has been found elderly women have disproportionate vitamins and minerals deficiency than men. SheCares provides you a pill chart to keep track of all the pills you take and remind you when it is the time. Feeling alone and have no one to talk to? SheCares got it covered with a support group specifically curated for elderly women.

SheCares, offers three primary services:

  • Calendar Platform and Reminder to keep track of events based on the stage of your life

  • Offers support groups, in the form of group chats where people with similar life situations can share their journey and build a strong community motivating each other.

  • Doctors profile and Self profile with health-history with all the information you need in case of emergencies.

How we built it

  • Backend: App will be hosted as a Python web app using flask framework on Gunicorn web server deployed on Google App Engine on Google Cloud. We will use used Cloud SQL as the database on Google Cloud Platform for the app which has two tables having user information and user data including embedded images as attachments.

  • Storage: AWS S3 will be used for storing the user and doctors profile pictures

  • Front-end: This will be built in android studio, React, and Vue.js

  • Design: Figma as a prototyping tool for our designs and Android UI kit for basic design templates.

Challenges we ran into

  • Posting image attachments hosted on publicly accessible URL on AWS S3 too be accessible using cloud sql database

  • We were new to prototyping in figma and new to designing apps in general. Hence we faced roadblocks related to transitions on UI.

  • It took us some time to recognize the issue of enabling CORS to allow cross-origin requests from the front-end to the Google APP engine backend.

  • Persisting user messages in group chats to databases was a challenging task since if we store messages sent per user per group this could result in the same message being stored multiple times. Hence, we decided to make a design decision for messages to be temporary and message history is limited to just the current chat session

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud to develop and deploy a full-scale working Web app with scalable backend and frontend to celebrate being a woman in every stage of their lives

  • We incorporated diverse tech stack ranging from cloud technologies – Figma, AWS S3, Google App Engine, Cloud SQL to traditional frameworks – Python, Vue.js, Android STudio, HTML hosted on scalable gunicorn server.

  • We synchronized and collaborate coherently even though it was a fully virtual hackathon. This makes us more confident in our ability to work in highly distributed software teams.

What we learned

  • Learned to use Figma prototyping and design using Android UI kits

  • Deploying app on Google App Engine and exporting AWS credentials to the hosted APP without commiting to version control

  • Learned about CORS and allowing cross-origin request between python backend and Vue.js front end

  • Hosting web app on Gunicorn and converting flask application to Gunicorn app.

  • Collaborate virtually as a team effectively

What's next for SheCares

  • Hosting the front end on Netlify

  • Get sponsors from the Women healthcare and mental healthcare organizations to realize the product.

  • Persisting group chat messages from local storage to the database and supporting chat message history across multiple sessions.

  • Make APIs calls more robust with error checking and secure using encryption

  • Integrate the ability to post or visit Q&A or FAQs into the Apps

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