Nowadays, we hear a lot about feminism Feminism isn't about shaping women as bold entities, as quoted by many people in this society ... It's about changing the way the world perceives its strength. With this inspiration, we look forward to recognizing and empowering each and every voice of a girl, as we believe- Every single voice matters and has the ability to change the world !!!

What it does

We believe to inspire and motivate the girl community as - girls are like flowers who love to blossom through the times with lots of happiness and enthusiasm, be it hard times or good times We want them to feel comfortable and easy to go with respect to their belonging and their interests. We provide special offers and discounts to their prestigious belongings to make them feel happy and more connected with us. At the same time, we believe in influencing them and raising their bars of self-esteem, and realizing their inner strength because- Your only limit is your mind. Also, we don't forget to boost their technical skills and give them a touch of hands-on experience. This is provided by means of hackathons and many more things.

How we built it

We built it by integrating the payment gateway in the Shopkart page which is responsible for buying the necessary pieces of stuff which depict female strength and lots of motivation that a woman needs to live independently. Also, we influence them with various success stories and we don't forget to motivate them to test their skills and win amazing prizes which would provide them with happiness out of bounds !!

Challenges we ran into

One of our team members left the team at the last moment thereby, we had to cope up with the built-in pressure of creating our project before time with full dedication and we are glad that we finally made it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We as a team are feeling proud to share the words with the community that we made a platform to empower women in the educational field. At the same time, we motivated them to recognize their strength and move towards fulfilling their goals with success and inspiring them to see the future light with lots of hopes and success waiting for them ...

What we learned

We learned an integrated payment gateway for the first time while taking hands-on experience on website which was developed by females for females. We gained more in-depth knowledge about web development insights and got a chance to improve and polish them. We also got to learn more about the open-source contribution and had an amazing experience while spending time on our project. We also got to learn more about team cooperation and involving more in the community.

What's next for She World

We will add more educational content that will implement API to provide the technical articles. We will bring more products to shopkart by collaborating with many brands and providing the girl community with all finical discounts. At the same time, we will unite with successful women and we will look forward to organizing sessions with them. We will always round the clock by updating our tech corner with lots of upcoming technical events to ensure the girl community never gets rid of any opportunity to connect and grow their network . To make them feel cherished, we will also provide information about food fests for foodies and much more to come ....

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