Inspiration - As we were brainstorming ideas for this project, we found that one common problem that we all faced was the inability to find a simple website that was community-based for young women in STEM.

What It Does - The website provides young women with resources, statistics, forums, inspiring stories, and even a future mentorship matching service to help them pursue their STEM-related careers.

How We Built It - Our team created this website by using HTML and Wordpress.

Challenges - As many of us on the team have little to no coding experience, it was a challenge to initially learn how to use the various tools needed for our project.

Accomplishments - I am extremely proud of how well our group worked together throughout this weekend. Also, I am very happy that the website both works and has most of the features that we all wanted to include.

What We Learned - I learned that coding isn't a solo venture; instead, it is a collaborative team effort. As a group, we all learned how to utilize Wordpress and HTML to create a visually pleasing website.

What's Next for She Stems - We are planning to add a mentor matching service in the future, expand the resources page, and add more of our own social media presence to the website.

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