After noticing the absurd amount of single-use plastic products we’ve disposed of each month while on our cycles, our team decided to investigate the environmental impact of our periods. With that being said, menstruation is a natural aspect of many lives and we could not live without it, meaning something else must change: the products we use. We found that most period products are very toxic and harmful to ourselves and our planet. With the hope to break down the stigma around periods, we created this website to educate others about how some menstruation products cause harm to the environment and how toxic it is for our bodies, while also informing them about alternative sustainable products.

What it does

Our website encourages menstruators to be mindful of the choices they make while on their period. We made sure to provide clear information about the harmful effects some period products have on the environment and on our bodies by using how-to guides and a fact generator. We believe it is essential to provide educational resources on menstrual products that may be unfamiliar to users. To ensure our users are guided down the right path, we’ve compiled a list of multiple women-led brands that create sustainable period products that, not only are made for women-by women but do little-to-no harm to our planet. Lastly, we’ve created a short, interactive quiz that helps users find the right period product based on their preferences. Our aim is to save our planet and guide our fellow menstruators down the eco-friendly path!

How we built it

The most important thing when it comes to creating a user-friendly website is planning out our project. With this in mind, we first researched and compiled the information we wanted to provide on our site. Once we had this down, we created a wireframe for our website to ensure that our programming process would run smoothly and our site would be easy to navigate. The design aspects included coming up with a catchy title that related to our subject and a color palette that matched our topic and target audience. After all of this planning, it was up to us, coders, to bring our vision to life, and that is exactly what we did.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we ran into was working with different time zones. Only a few members could work at a time due to the differences in time zones, and as a result, our demo video was only filmed by two members. It was a little difficult dividing the workload, but thankfully we were able to communicate with each other every step of the way!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The website itself to be honest! We all played a part in building it, with Joanne leading us and keeping us organized, Tracy with coding, Lucia with researching and helping us with the mainframe, and Rubi with designing and graphics. We are also proud of the fact that we were able to accomplish so much in a short time frame.

What we learned

Communication is key. Our team lives in different parts of the world, in different time zones and situations. We learned to communicate with one another through multiple platforms to contribute ideas and information to our website. We gave feedback to one another and learned how to refine our skills and actions to fit what was needed. We also learned to be resourceful and take full advantage of the free workshops provided to us by GSB hacks and access the multitude of useful information available on the internet. Lastly, being part of a community of like-minded peers encouraged us to be more confident in our interests and skills. Through this process we were able to create elaborate, well-thought-out ideas to create a quality project, such as our website, “She’s Green!”.

What's next for She's Green!

She’s Green is currently only reaching the GSB judges. Our hope is that, in the future, our website can reach more people around the world. We want to make our website accessible to everyone who is interested, via any device and any language. Additionally, we’d like to see more user input and feedback, ideally through surveys, likes, comments, and forums. This way we can tailor our website to fit the user’s needs. Our hope is that our website can reach as many people as possible and hopefully make a difference when it comes to our environmental impact.

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