You’re a woman and you enter your workplace -- it’s just a normal day at work, but something about the setting is very abnormal. You notice you’re one of the few women there. Or, you notice that your boss, just like most of your previous bosses, is a man. It’s exhausting, and eventually you’re dangerously close to feeling that strangely sad sensation of acceptance. But little do you know, you’re a part of the 60% of undergraduate degree holders. You consist of 59% of the entry-level workforce and 80% of the American consumer population.Your worth and potential is limitless -- but it’s just hard to see, because of the vicious cycle of underrepresentation. It’s time to destroy the cycle of underrepresentation and show the world the truth. We believe that the female community is a powerful and invaluable tool in supporting and inspiring women to reach for more. She Did That is a platform to elevate women across the world by allowing them to learn about others’ achievements, to feel inspired, and to engage in one of the biggest worldwide movements.

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