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What it does

The site is a landing page that introduces users to the She Designs program and explains what the program is about. It also has creative elements that show the user the creative side of the design field.

How I built it

I went through the process of ideation, wire framing, and designing out the site first. I created the logo and found imagery. I then built out the site on Webflow and integrated different effects. I also used a lottie animation on the hero screen.

Challenges I ran into

Making the components sticky to create an interactive hero was challenging and time consuming. I wanted to make sure the scroll effect changed the titles but that the titles stayed in the same place.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the way the lottie animation works and the overall flow of the site as you scroll.

What I learned

I learned a lot about he functionalities of Webflow and how dynamic it can be. I learned how to create parallax effects to add exciting elements to my site.

What's next for She Designs

I will continue to work on the additional pages for the site and refine this further. After, I will launch this and take applications for young women who want to sign up and be a boss in the design field.

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