We thought about things that bothered us in our daily routine. Everyone knows that feeling when someone sends you an image that was taken from a TV show or a movie, but you have no clue to where it could be from. We all thought it would be really cool if there was a website that tells you where an image was taken from, so we decided to make that website outselves.

What it does

The user uploads an image to our website, and the website simply redirects the user to a page that shows the name of the TV show or movie the image was taken from and a link to the IMDB page.

How we built it

We used "Clarifai", a face recognition API, to find a face in the image the user uploaded. Clarifai can also recognise a celebrity in an image, so we used that functionality. We created a script that finds all faces in an image (with the face_recognition library) and saves those faces as individual images on the server. Then the script calls the Clarifai API to filter for the celebrities in the image and searches for them on IMDB. We then look for TV shows or movies those celebrities have in common and use them. The flask website ties all the scripts together and gives the user a nice interface to work with.

Challenges we ran into

We all used new APIs that we've never used or even heard of before. We had a hard time getting "dlib" to work. The main challange has to be picking the right idea. We brainstormed for about 3 hours to find ideas, and bailed on one, before we finally thought of this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of everyone that took part in this project for building something up from the ground that actually works as intended. This is a very hard task that not many teams can accomplish.

What we learned

The main thing would have to be how teamwork can affects the project's outcome. We learned how to deal with new technologies. We also learned that you don't have to write a lot of code in order to contribute to the project.

What's next for ShazamTV

We probably won't keep updating it since we did this project for the sake of enjoying ourselves.

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