On the move and want to check the Ayah translation? Got a Fiqh question and wondering whom to ask? Want to answer a friend on what Quran says about Black Holes? Planning for a Halal dinner nearby? Now how about not just going around and opening all the tabs, instead you have all this answered in a personal conversational way. With all the Bot craze we wanted to create an automated bot experience of a learned Islamic person err Bot.

What it does

Simple questions, like looking into the holy book for the reference numbers provided and returning back the text. Answer questions related to traditions, rituals or any Islamic topic.

How we built it

We were looking for NLP system and API for the data. AWS Lex is excellent and simple enough to get started quickly. We used APIs provided by

What's next for ShaykhBot

For now, the bot gets the text for the provided reference. This is just a start.

Built With

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