The look and feel of a clean and close shave that one gets from double edge razors demands considerable skill.

Poor shaving techniques result in nicks, cuts, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn, skin irritation, inflammation and hyper-pigmentation.

Examples of poor technique are using too much pressure, shaving against the grain, aggressive blade settings, improper razor handling (steep shaving angles), dull blades, repeated strokes per area instead of one or two long fluid strokes, rushed shaving routines, and cheap or mediocre skin prep.

A Solution

A double edge razor with a vintage craftsman look and feel, and tomorrow smarts such as blue tooth connectivity.

What it does

The razor connects to an app which incorporates the user’s feedback, learns the user’s techniques, and then offers personalized recommendations for a master barber-like shaving experience.

These recommendations and benefits could include:- • Educating the user to master shaving pressure, angle and stroke • Adjusting to appropriate blade settings • Personalized blade replacement schedule • Reducing the time it takes to shave because shaving has been reduced to a science • Planning better - Know precisely how long it takes to properly shave • Making shaving fun by Improving shaving skill which eliminates nicks, cuts, razor bumps, e.t.c.,

How I built it

CAD modelling, 3D printing, reverse engineering

Challenges I ran into

Arduino & RasPi programming to make the razor smart

I need collaborators with the following skills

A software person for the programming aspect An electrical engineer for the electro-mechanical aspects Creative thinker, yea-sayer, builder, crafter, maker, doer and hacker

Please message me if you are interested in hacking on this!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

'Dumb' but working 3D printed prototypes

What I learned

I need help with the software and electro-mechanical aspects

What's next for Shaving Razor - Vintage Look, Tomorrow's Smarts

Adding smarts to the 'dumb' prototypes

Built With

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