We play a game called League of Legends, and there are some times when some files become corrupted and prevent us from logging in or launching the application, etc. When this happens, we use a function on League called the repair tool, which checks all the League files on your computer with the files they have stored in their database for that game version. However, there is a warning on the repair tool before we use it that says "Warning: this can take a VERY long time". We were confused as to why this had to be such a long process to compare the files, so we thought hashing would be a great solution. Hashing is taking a file/group of files and converting it into a string of numbers and letters that is almost 100% unique. Therefore, by comparing the hash of the file on your computer with the hash of the file on the server, we can check files much faster than checking line by line. We made a demo program that took file input from the user and has some League hashes saved already to compare against. Of course, this does not apply only to League but to all other large software companies that need a fast way to repair and update their files.

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