The idea for ShatteredComms came from other co-operation sites. We noticed the amount of information those sites ask for as well as the unsafe files that were uploaded. So we decided to make a co-operation site that respects your privacy and encrypts your files.

What it does

ShatteredComms is a co-operation site that contains tools that make working in a group easier. You get to work with other people anonymously and no personal information is required. Your files are also safe and encrypted.

How we built it

The ShatteredComms website was built on C#, we also created a client app for ease of file transfer with Java.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty getting our C# server to communicate with our Java app. Unfortunately, we were not able to get it working in time, the Java app is still available as a jar in our git.

What's next for ShatteredComms

We hope to fix the communication problems between the C# server and Java app as well as add more useful apps for our users to use.

Built With

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