try out the game below in the google drive link (for android phones)! Inspired by casual games on google play store, and "minimalist" so I don't have to do up the art assets

What it does

1.problem statement = problem statement 2. It is a casual game that uses mobile share function to share results and get power ups. 2.You are the "defender" that can only move in the stipulated circle range. 3.Try to block & shatter as many incoming arrows as possible! 4.Click to share with friends and get power-ups (e.g. longer bars) when you do!

How we built it

unity, c#, gradient UI plugin (for gradient background), native share plugin

Challenges we ran into

  1. discovered this competition on 22/8/2022 so the time frame was very very short 2.I accidentally dropped my phone into the water (like literally 18hrs) before the end of the competition, so now I cant test whether it works on my phone anymore.
  2. many bugs ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Making a game in like a super super short time ## What we learned make a minimalist game

What's next for Shatter - a minimalist casual game

-Some multiplayer mode would be fun.!!! -changing gradient background color every time game resets -more bullet types (e.g. bounce when hit)

Built With

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