We were inspired by the logistics behind the video games in combination with sharky hackathon themed and that is how we have created the first idea behind the project. But as the hackathon went on, we felt a bigger and bigger influence of Blahaj on us, so that is why he is on every single page on our web application and has dived in our hearts :).

What it does

SharpShark Network is a web application that aims to turn your Life into a Video Game and connect you with other sharky players! Allowing users to organize their tasks and goals into quest lines, use their abilities to create funny memes and other artistic stuff, view their inventory and "equipped armor" in Inventory as well as "Stats" and "Skills". Also, it helps them connect with others to "play" PvE Dungeons and PvP Arena as well as allow them to use text, voice, and video chat, privately (DM) or in division (Groups) to communicate with other players! At last, there is SharkCells, i.e. in-game currency used for buying skins DLCs, etc., and it can be sold to other players for real money or bought from them or from us at a fixed safe price. This was the general idea of what we wanted to make and what we are publishing in November 2021 and what we managed to finish during the hackathon, you can find in "How we built it". It is a combination of the social networks, video game mechanics, memes, creative minds,s, and fun. Here is its domain name: .

How we built it

We did not! It still does not work (In Mechanics). Just kidding. We had a big idea and we started working on it right after the hackathon has started and we were working on it for 18 hours straight to make login, registration, and started making profile page in functionality. We were using HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, and SQL in VS Code and Atom. However, as the hackathon went further and further, we were more and more inspired by Blahaj that we spend 20 hours making funny Blahaj arts, which we will use in our 1.0 version and they can be found in our Github repo. There we were using the power of Photoshop and Krita as well as some of our old designs, which can be found on Then we spent some more time into mini-events such as hacker hangouts and others and after a little bit longer round of naps, we realized that we have spent too much time on memes :D. Then we just decided to continue working on Frontend and UI/UX Design and to learn it better. So that is why you can find a lot of art and frontend stuff in our repo, but just a few mechanics and we are sorry for letting blahaj take our attention and love from backend and mechanics to himself and we are looking forward to building all of mechanics that we did not during next week :D.

Challenges we ran into

Chilling and Blahaj taking our attention, love, and not letting us focus on the important mechanics behind our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about UI/UX Design and Art as well as made a solid idea to work on in the future.

What we learned

In the end, it looks like we were focusing a lot of ideas, frontend, design, and art (Again sorry for the leak of mechanics, we will make them in next week, we promise), so since we were not that good in art before this hackathon, in general, this is what we learned this weekend

UI Design UX Design Advanced Photoshop Features Advanced Krita Features How Blahaj is the most important thing in the world

What's next for SharpShark Network

After this funny, meme weekend, we are about to focus more seriously on this than we did during the hackathon by building the full mechanics behind it next week. After that, since the next school year is about to start, we will still be working on this in our free time (And posting DevLogs on our youtube!), in order to publish it on in November 2021!

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