Many students and adults in the Bay Area suffer from pressure from work, school, job stability, and money, which creates detrimental effects on their mental health. Many don't know how to cope or don't cope with it properly, so we wanted to create an app that would help solve this.

What it does

Our app's main goal is to relieve our users' stress. This is done through the different tasks we implement in a randomizing generator that the user can use to cope with stress, reduce it, or stop one from getting it. Along with the stress reliever tasks, our app includes a journal for the user to write their thoughts and anything on their mind that they just want to keep to themself and not share with others. The app also includes a to-do list tab, where the users can input certain tasks they want to do in the future and keep them organized. This will keep them organized, and stop them from feeling stressed. Overall, this app is a tracker for their activities, thoughts, and it helps them cope with any stress they get from daily life.

How we built it

We built the app using XCode, Swift, Firebase, and UIKit.

Challenges we ran into

A few challenges we ran into during the project was creating a secure Login, that records the user's username and password and saves their account after signing up. Another challenge we ran into was formatting our view controllers correctly and creating animations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments we're proud of is creating a successfully working menu page that takes users to different pages, incorporating many elements to the app, and the creating smooth transitions between each view controller.

What we learned

This year our group learned a lot about coding for an app overall. Two of our members initially weren't familiar with coding an app or using Swift, and this gave us the opportunity to code and learn how to successfully create a working app.

What's next for SharpMind

Future implementations for our app include communicating with friends and having the option to share progress with them, creating a successful working login, and creating more icons.

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