Since our very first, hands-on experience to interact photos from the very first iPhone back in 9 Jan 2007, pinching photos using multi touch interactivity has literally taken the world by storm. Today, almost all smartphones - tablets - and even some laptop models, use this as their key features for their input functions. While we often marvel at this, we refuse to accept that such interactivity and to an extent, manipulation - can’t be extended to videos, or moving imagery. With Youtube and other online video offerings expanding and growing year on year, to only passively watch content seems and feels very yester-year. What’s worse, unless you’re in the same space as your social group - sharing actual video experience by highlighting specific moments in parts of the video, would require that you to either verbalise them vocally or via text, or - actually re-edit that same video within an editing software, and export it out again. It was unbelievable old school, frustrating and above-all - technologically backwards…

That is - until we cohesively decided to do something about it.

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