• Inspired by social platforms such as Facebook and Discord
  • wanted to create a shark themed fusion of the two with unique shark features

What it does

The main application:

  • users have/create an account to login to
  • offers video/audio chat
  • users can send voice-to-shark translated messages
  • has an available minigame users can play

The minigame, Blahaj Survival:

  • user moves a shark with the arrow keys
    • goal is to eat the fish and avoid the trash
    • users gain 100 points when they "eat" a fish
    • users lose one of their three lives when they "eat" a piece of trash
    • level goes up and the fish and trash moves faster, as well as the shark when it is moved
    • the level goes up every 2500 points earned
    • once all three lives are gone the game is over and you can see your final score
    • game keeps track of the session's high score and updates it as necessary.

How we built it

The chat app and the UI/UX were built in React.

mini game was build in Java

  • used Java internal tools for UI
  • categorized into various object classes
  • central functions in the Background class
  • main method in BahajSurvival class

Challenges we ran into

main application

  • a lot of bugs appeared and were difficult and time consuming to fix

mini game

  • detecting collisions between objects
  • getting the shark to move properly in the barriers of the screen
  • making sure objects don't overlap when looped around

Accomplishments that we're proud of

main application

  • getting all of the functionalities in


  • game start and game over screen turnout
  • getting to use bubbles in the background

What we learned

main application

  • a lot of little things can go wrong at once
  • each part is vital, even the little things


  • any problem can be solved, just keep going!
  • team input is vital for best product, even for a minigame

What's next for Sharky Chats

main applications

  • chat bot that answers questions about sharks
  • shark filter for video chat
  • an inbuilt vpn for increased cybersecurity


  • add a countdown timer before starting
  • incorporate a dying animation sequence
  • animate transitions between the menu screens and the game

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