Sharks are cool, we enjoy memes and who doesn't love a good discord bot?

🦈 What it does

The Sharktainer is capable of doing a multitude of things such as:

  • play music to help you chill
  • put a cool shark filter on any photo
  • has a mini game where you can buy a pet shark and feed it at regular intervals (if you forget to feed it, it will run away!)
  • tell you cool shark themed riddles and puns :)
    • play shark themed music and videos It's shark time y'all!

🦈 How we built it

We used discord.py to make the bot and hosted it on repl.it. We used Photoshop to make the cool filters and game assets.

🦈 Challenges we ran into

Getting the bot to play audio was complex and we had to rack our brains and dive deep into docs to figure it out.

🦈 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of making a bot that has so many fun features and shows off our love for BLAHAJ sharks!

🦈 What we learned

We learned that sharks are really cool creatures, but also how to make use of different python libraries to implement the features of the bot. Blahaj Never Gonna You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down :)

What's next for Sharktainer

  • Add ability to purchase different sharks in the Pet-A-Shark game
  • Add a db to add customization to the game
  • Add more filters
  • Incorporate AR

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