In these times , one of the best way to express our emotions is using memes. So why not a shark themed meme generator.

What it does

Asks for the upper text and lower text and returns the customized meme with the selected picture

How I built it

Data gathering Used Beautiful Soup, requests, JSON from python to scrape data for the images and stored the data in Github Used BingImageSearch API to get images.(For backup) Python: collected 80% of data (Python-code: link) API: collected 20% of data

The Website Used react to make the Website , used framer motion for hover effects Got data from bingAPI using fetch Got data from Github using fetch (data-link: link) click on raw text and use that link as an api. Generator Used the opensource memegen stateless API which uses python PIL library which can edit pictures to make the meme.

Challenges I ran into

Making the json file Overlapping the divs Regexing APIs Scraping the correct data sending the data to the generator API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Scraped website using python Used Framer-motion

What I learned

Web Scraping using python Framer-motion in React async functions Using my own GitHub repo as a json database which can be accessed through the url.

What's next for Sharkify

Adding a share button so users can directly send the memes to their friends Adding a upgraded Web Scraping method which can scrape more data Adding a new page and showcase the already made memes by users to other user which they can use Adding a Sign-in field Adding dark/light themes And many upgrades.

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