Everyone has a Portfolio, So Why not a portfolio for Sharks!

What it does

It is a Fun Project which has a Simple Portfolio, a page with Fun Facts about Sharks and a mini quiz game to play!

How we built it

First of all, We brainstormed the ideas together about the project, and then we created the UI design files in Figma together. Then We distributed tasks among each other using Github issues and worked accordingly.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of challenges in setting up the project with Vite, React and Tailwind. As It was our first Hackathon We had thought of many interesting features to implement but weren't able to do it in the time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We now know how to work in a team and complete the project in a time constraint.

What we learned

We learnt How different technologies work together, working with a Version Control System, Make a UI design for a Project.

What's next for SharkFolio

We will open source the project and will add more features like information about different species of shark, make good UI changes.

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