💡 Inspiration

The pandemic has prohibited us from leaving our homes. The nostalgia induced by arcade games is too overpowering, but sadly, we couldn't do much about it except reminisce about the fun times we spent as kids in the arcade.

Until now.

⚙ What it does

Our project is an amalgamation of not one, but four classic arcade games with modern twists. We have added classic and custom-built graphics to give them that retro feel. Also, dynamic scoring and posture detection by harnessing the power of machine learning add new, engaging elements to gameplay. This project is also hosted online, which makes it accessible to any gamer, anywhere. The games are as follows:

  • DuckHunt: The classic retro game where you point and shoot at a duck, which has a score system.
  • Blaha-Claw: A modern take on the claw arcade machine where you control the claw with your hand. It has a point system too!
  • Guac-A-Mole: You know it, Whack-A-Mole but with cooler graphics and a point system.
  • Hoops: A virtual take on the basketball hoop toss game you know and love. This has a scoring system too!

🔧 How we built it

We used HTML Canvas, CSS Flexbox, pixl.js, handtrack.js, and tensorflow to make the games. All of the designs were made in Figma. In addition, we used randomisation and implemented physics for the games in JavaScript.

💪 Challenges we ran into

The majority of us are newbies in game development, so this challenge seemed quite daunting at first, as we essentially had to start from scratch. Also, some of the libraries we used were troublesome when it came to setting them up and getting them to work. The dynamic scoring mechanism was also inconsistent at first; we had to iron out many issues in the same.

📌 Accomplishments that we're proud of

A single game is exciting to make, so making four of them is certainly a momentous occasion. We are super proud to make custom game engines for each game. Using a machine learning library in a game was new to everyone. Also, we learnt a lot of skills through this hackathon, which will be useful going forward.

📚 What we learned

Since we didn't use any gaming engine, we had to come up with our own gaming engine we call it BE 1 ! (Blahaj Engine 1.0). We learnt how game logic is set in game engines and super proud to make custom built engine specially curated for each game.

⏭ What's next for ReTron

There are many features in the pipeline, such as

  • Leaderboards
  • Tweaks to the games
  • Online Multiplayer capabilities
  • Local 2-player Support

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