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Trust the US this is not another prank

   Thanks for taking a chance on us and clicking on the button now you have earned the privilege to meet
   The Great Wizard of the Finverse - FinBLAHAJ

   With the power bestowed to you by the great wizard of the Finverse FinBLAHAJ, you will be able to find all the answers that you seek
   using the magical power of Dialogflow and Google cloud 

   You have impressed us with your button clicking skills hence we will save you from the boredom of reading the holy text

Well the Great one has decided to share his secret with you

    He gets his infinite amazing knowledge on finance from Google's Dialogflow API

    We first created an Agent with multiple intents on data we spent hours scrapping for allowed and trusted source3

    We used BERT, concept net to generate summaries and process the dataset

    We then used the Google Cloud Text to Speech API to convert the summaries into audio files

    Then we populated all the text into CockroachDB since two of the wizard's followers were working on it

    Using a central database to store all the data made more sense

    Then we created a flask API to update the data to the knoweldge base

    Once that was done all we had to do is make a streamlit application and call the API to proive you with answers of the finverse

    we went one step further and used google text to speech to give our wizard to the power of speech

    We hope you like it and we hope you are happy with the experience

    If you cant find the answer remember the universe is ever expanding we will store unique question in cockroach db using the dialogflow webhook and get you the answer 

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