Inspired by the words: she, share, and charity, we created Sharity, a female empowerment donation app. Sharity promotes women empowerment in the community and sustainability by encouraging users to donate their used or new items to local female’s shelters. An additional feature is that the app allows for charities to sort through donation items, to obtain items to match their needs and ensure quality. Additionally, our team is passionate about raising awareness and bringing down the stigma around menstruation products. As the developers of Sharity, we have created our own fundraiser: Period Positivity, where users can donate money to this cause and support local women's health.

What it does

On the user side, Sharity allows users to connect to women shelters and donate clothing articles and period products. Users can take pictures of their items, upload them to the app, and donate to selected organizations. Users can search local shelters on the built in maps function and they can also view each shelter’s donation wishlist. Users also have access to the Period Positivity fundraiser, in which funds go towards purchasing period products for local Vancouver organizations. On the Charities side, organizations can swipe left and right on donation items they wish accept or decline, furthermore, they may chat with users about donation pickup/drop-off information. Organizations can also edit their account and donation wishlist

How we built it

We started our app by building the UI design in Figma. Then we began the development phase using React Native. Our frontend uses Google Maps API to locate nearby shelters. Our backend uses Node.js and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

In terms of development, we ran into challenges of picking which platform we were going to work on (Flutter, Android Studio, React Native). Our team also had to trim some features due to time constraints, and setting everyone’s development environment for React Native took more time than we had anticipated. Another unexpected challenge came with a team member having to leave early, this pushed us to reorganize the team roles and try our best to keep up morale and progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is proud of the entire app. It was an amazing experience and we were able to learn more about React and new technologies. Getting the Tinder swiping to work was also very rewarding and cool to see in action!

What we learned

We learned how to design an idea from scratch: starting from a low-fi prototype on paper, to a running app. We also learned how to integrate APIs to our app and use new libraries.

What's next for Sharity

The next step for Sharity is to refine the chat functionality and the database to support more users. We also want to design more user functionalities.

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