At early development stage, we want to focus on creating something practical and cost-effective that every students in university would benefit from it. As university students ourselves, we spend 3-400 dollars on hardcopy textbooks at the beginning of each term, that is 6-800 dollars per year. Therefore, we decided to develop a textbook sharing platform that not only helps our users to search, buy and sell textbooks but more importantly suits their student budget.

Our app was inspired by the word of sharing, the concept of sharing has grown its popularity in the recent years. We benefit so much from sharing-economy. And we would also like to find a way which allows us to apply the idea of sharing to reduce the financial spending for all students.

What it does

This app will have two main functions for university students, sharing and borrowing. For the sharing function, the app allows you to update the current status of the textbook the user want to share, and then the app will generate the virtual price of this textbook based on the user input information. Then once the student chooses to share, his/her textbook will be shared to someone else, and he/she will get the virtual currency which can be used to buy the desired textbook. Secondly, the borrowing function allows an user to find their desired textbook, and the current status of that book. If that user decides to borrow this book, he/she will pay the virtual price that the app generates to the owner. Then the user and owner can decide to where to meet to get the textbook.

How we built it

Eclipse IDE, Java FX API, Scene Builder and some open source tools to find pictures and edit them.

Challenges we ran into

There are so many challenges we ran into, including technical and design challenges. As far as technical challenges are concerned, we wanted to accomplish a specific goal like smooth zooming a picture on the user interface, we had no idea about that, but after searching the oracle documentation, we finally found a way to solve it. For the design challenges, we spent a lot of time in making all the interfaces following the same style.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a deeper understanding of Java back-end development. And we designed the entire user interface and it's animated transition.

What we learned

JavaFX, SceneBuilder, time management skill and team work skill

What's next for Sharing

We would like to complete the development of this software. Then we would like to write a web version of this, and an IOS or Android app as well if time is allowed.

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