I love travelling! But, 95% of the suggested holiday activities in current travel apps are aggregated from big companies who retain most of the profit. Local activity providers rely on word of mouth or the cooperation with travel agencies to secure business. The travel agencies also take big margins for connecting the tourists with these activity providers.

Some small providers try to offer their activities directly, but being honest, I've never feel completely safe. However, by connecting with providers and getting to know them as locals, I've met awesome people around the world. With the help of their feedback I came up with the idea of Sharrio. Shariio is a mobile app focusing on connecting people who would like to participate in fun activities locally.

We give our providers the ability to post their activities, chat to interested participants within the app and connect directly with each other. Based on the review system and the ID verification feature, tourists feel safe connecting with the local providers directly, and can get an authentic experience at a lower cost. The local providers also take a much higher cut of the revenue and this makes their business more sustainable.

How it works

The user connects with Facebook. Based on their location he will see all activities offered near-by including important details. Swiping right saves the activity to a favourites list and swiping left skips to the next activity offering. Reviewing the favourites list allows the user to chat directly with the activity provider to determine any unknown details, and can then request a booking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Great, familiar (thanks to Tinder) user experience that makes discovering new activities easy.
  • Live chat functionality for speaking to activity providers immediately
  • Review and ID verification badges for establishing trust

What's next for Shariio

Integration of the following two payment solutions, allowing app monetisation and providers to accept payment directly in the app:

  • Payfriendz, P2P payment app
  • Braintree, supporting card payments, PayPal and Bitcoins
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