The problem your project solves

Allow rapid detection in large groups of people (companies, associations, clubs, ...) through the daily temperature report. Analyzing this data, each group will be able to take quick and precise actions to avoid massive contagion.

The solution you bring to the table (including technical details, architecture, tools used). is a web platform developed with React and deployed using Google Cloud and Firebase services (Firestore, Cloud Functions, Google Oauth, ...). This platform has been translated into 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian. These translations have been verified by native persons. has two principal sections:

  1. A section where you can create a new group. When you create a new group, a Google Spreadsheet will be created inside your Google Account and you will receive a URL. This URL allows your group to send new reports. These reports will be stored inside the Google Spreadsheet that ShareYourFever created in the service deployment process.

  2. A section where users can send new reports. Users can send new reports whenever they want. They only need a valid group URL to configure a new destination of their reports.

We comply with GDPR laws. All data is stored inside the user Google Drive account and he is the owner of all reported information. Also, the user has the availability of cancel ShareYourFever permissions whenever he wants from him Google Account:

Finally, we have developed a Data Studio Dashboard that allows a general vision of group temperature. A group manager can take fast actions if he watches strange variations of temperature.

What you have done during the weekend.

  • Translations.
  • Data Studio Dashboard.
  • Customer tests.
  • Security review.

The solution’s impact to the crisis. allows for the fast detection of new COVID19 clusters, allowing each group to isolate possible implicated cases rapidly.

The necessities in order to continue the project.

  • More translations.
  • Promotion to reach more people and countries.
  • Do a platform refinement to improve user experience.
  • Money to support services, traffic and dedicated resources.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis. can be used for all diseases with fever as one of its symptoms and the platform can be easily refactored to register and report different parameters (for example working hours in Spain).

The URL to the prototype [Github, Website,...]

The URL to the pitchvideo

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