COVID-19 has affected us all, COVID-19 will change the lives of all of us. The creative collective HAUSAMMEHR would like to document these historical times together with you. Share your impressions, your fears, worries, but also joys. Share your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Share your newly created "micro" cosmos. Whether through video, audio, text, drawings or photography, #shareyourcosmos. HAUSAMMEHR has set itself the task of producing a socially relevant documentary film and an unprecedented art installation that could hardly be more real. The aim is to artistically process authentic recordings, to preserve and to strengthen the awareness of this historical moment for all future generations. Let us share this time together, even if we are spatially apart. Let the future know how we have felt and lived. Let us make art and history together! #shareyourcosmosYou can contribute by uploading any kind of content from your everyday life in video, audio, image or text format.


We believe that social data is a public and common good. Through the last decades, this kind of data has been highly monopolized and we are all responsible for that. #shareyourcosmos is a crowd-repository maintained by HAUSAMMEHR which has the intention to document our everyday lives during this historical period and to keep it accessible to everyone for (social, anthropological, historical...) research and art practices. If you wish to get free access to the repository, to see how others go through these days and to start your research or art project with this data, please contact Andrés ( or Chris (

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE UPLOADED DATA( posted at the upload platform translate to your language and replace )

English: By uploading data I agree to the publication of the recordings I have submitted as part of #shareyourcosmos. Furthermore I declare: I have participated in the production as one of the numerous performers and confirm that the content and purpose of the production have been explained to me. I allow HAUSAMMEHR the unrestricted use and publication of the recordings for all media. I transfer to HAUSAMMEHR all copyrights and performer's rights created by me in the course of my work as a performer without any restrictions in terms of content, time and country, as well as the exclusive use of non-transferable rights for any use of an artistic nature. The resale of the pictures is not permitted. As this is a no-budget production, I waive a fee in any form and make no claims whatsoever. Contributions to AHV/IV/EO/AL are also waived. HAUSAMMEHR assures that the use of the pictures is not used for purposes of illegal or criminal acts or in a reputation-damaging way.


Online Social Media, emancipation from Facebook, Instagram and so on. Open Data. Public Data. Open Access.

What it does

It allows to build a crowd-repository for documenting the everyday life during the COVID19 quarantine. The intention is to collect as much data in a cloud from diverse types of media and formats (video, sound, image, text), which people can upload over the platform. This collection of data will be made accessible for social and anthropological research and art projects, once the global quarantine is over.

How I built it

We created an account on driveuploader ( a partner of google. This platform allows to create a custom link to an existing google drive account, which can be embedded as an iframe or through an API on any website or application. The link allows visitors to upload their content to #shareyourcosmos from any browser and device. It generates a folder per upload, with an author identifier and an email address. Thus we can keep in contact with the authors for future inquires within the framework of research. We embedded the link over the API into our created website: We designed and implemented the simple looks and brand of the project.

Challenges I ran into

  • Engaging the community to participate on the platform and upload content to document their every day lives during the COVID-19 quarantine.
  • Once participants have uploaded content they lack the direct feedback that other online social media has accustomed audiences to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Built the responsive website and set the basic workflow from the platform.
  • Branding, and logo of the platform and campaign.
  • Created both google drive repository and driveuploader pro account.
  • Set terms and conditions for future copyright and privacy issues regarding the data uploaded by the audience.

What I learned

  • Integrate the API from driveuploader and customize the content.
  • To enable a quick and simple crowd repository for open data

What's next for #shareyourcosmos

  • provide feedback to the people who have participated and contributed, maybe through a collage from the data in the crowd-repository, or by showing other type of information about the repository such as amount of contributions or statistics about the type of data.
  • integrate geolocation of the the contributed data
  • find ways to ensure that this data stays public and safe, without being used for commercial, political or control purposes.
  • encourage participation by contributing and finding ways of using the data and less duplications of the concept! *

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