College students are increasingly financially illiterate. We wanted to make a solution to teach people about investing without a large up-front capital investment. This fosters a low risk, high reward scenario, as you are learning a lot without risking lots of money.

What it does

We made a mobile-app where you can join investing groups of other new investors. Within these groups, you discuss strategies and invest in a stock. Your group will vote on trading positions and our app will tell you if those positions are good based on a forecasted model we've made for your stock.

How I built it

React Native, Redux, Node.js, Python, MongoDB, Yahoo Finances API,, IBM Watson Machine Learning models, Notebooks, Modeler Flows, and Data Refinery Flows(seen in screenshots).

Challenges I ran into

IBM Watson auth(Auth always gets me :/ ).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making an app to empower the next generation of traders/investors.

What I learned

IBM Watson.

What's next for ShareTrade

Creating ability to crowd-invest in credit cards, crypto currencies, savings accounts, etc. These will allow college students to interactively try out different investment tactics with little overhead.

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