In the last year israeli civilians were and still area threated from missile attacks, israel's 'Red Alert' system is an efficent way to let israelis know when there is a missile threat near them and let's them know they have to run to the nearest shelter.but what if you are in the middle of a city you don't know and a missile alert strikes you ? shareter is your life saving App! shareter will alert you when there is a missile threat near you and will let you navigate easily to the nearest shelter. with the help of other users shareter database will continously grow the app will help many to know where to go in a real emergent threat.

How it works

Shareter is very simple - Share your nearby shelters with sharetare, find nearby shelters around you and in emergency time shareter will help you navigate to the nearest shelter. shareter also support wearables - in a touch of a button you will start navigating to the nearest shelter, send SOS signals to your cared ones and more!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have created a fully functional app - with an web service that interacts with the PAKAR API ,containing an administrating web app to manage all of the shelters , also we developed an android app that is compatible with android wear that allows users to register for push notifcations from the web-service and find/share nearby shelters

What's next for Shareter

Shareter will contain a database with all of the shelters in the country and hopefully all other unknown shelters that will be shared by different users around israel. also we are planning to add more android-wear featues such as hear rate monitoring on times of emergency - sending automatic SOS messages if real-threat will be found

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