We noticed that many effective moderation based platforms, i.e. Discord and Twitch, were targeted for recreational and didn't have any space in the world of education and learning. Our mission was to make an easy and seamless online learning platform.

What it does

ShareSpace allows an easy creation of private rooms by teachers and the ability to join rooms by students. Teachers have moderation functionality to support a conductive classroom environment.

How we built it

We utilized a NodeJS server with to interact between the server and client within rooms.

Challenges we ran into

List: File upload, client-server interactions, styling, logic, various bugs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a minimum viable product that works and learning NodeJS and as a team together.

What we learned

This was both of our members first interaction with server side Javascript and so we learned a lot about NodeJS based development.

What's next for ShareSpace

Immediately, we want to figure out a file upload implementation and create a better UI/UX and polish some bugs. In the future, we wish to add authentication, video, more moderation features, and other online learning features.

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