Seamless resource and cost sharing for co-workers and co-residents based on blockchain

The Motivation

Work at a co-working space? Share a flat with others? Ever felt splitting the bills 1/N is not always fair ?

It happens with all of us. We are an age of Digital Nomads. Who would not want to pay exactly for what he/she uses, not more or less. shaResource allows you to precisely measure what resources are you using in your co-working space or co-living area. All transactions happen over a blockchain. It is easy to verify who owes whom what.

What it does ?

Resources can be different types -

  • A packet of milk (which you use one by one)
  • A bunch of fruits (which you use one by one)
  • Airconditioner (which is billed by the minute)
  • Water supply (that you pay by the month)

shaResource allows you to share all of these.



SRT = Shared Resource Token When you start using shaResource you start with 0 SRTs. Every time you consume (running an AC for an hour, taking out a packet of milk from fridge), your SRTs are deducted. When you produce (buy a dozen bananas and put then in the shelf, pay for the water bill), you gain SRTs.

You can always explore on the Blockchain how many SRTs you have. If it's negative at end of a month, you simply send funds to someone who has positive SRTs. And there you go, precise resource sharing, without any bickering, unfair splitting or grudes.

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