Since we all are still stuck at home due to pandemic, it has become difficult to collaborate on projects. So I thought, it would be helpful if there is an app that allows us to share document pieces or maybe code snippets with others in real-time so that multiple people can work on the document at the same time. This led me to use WebSockets and create Sharer-A real-time editor.

What it does

It is a text sharing app that allows users to simultaneously change a piece of text. It also has provisions for rooms.

How I built it

I used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to work on the frontend. The backend involves NODE and Express. For real-time facility, I have used

Challenges I ran into

I was finding it difficult to display the entire text to a new user in the room. I took me some time to implement that successfully.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of successfully having used to create this web-application.

What I learned

I learned a lot about WebSockets.

What's next for Sharer

The next versions would see options liking saving file, adding custom options while editing, etc.

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