Site collection administrators and owners would like to get insight to specific events that happen in their sites and to get this information they need to have access to the compliant center of the Office 365 which may not be possible to provide access to site collection owners.

What it does

The solution I created was to build SharePoint provider hosted add in that get the needed events to the sites collection owners/administrators or whoever who will be allowed to see those events without the need to access the compliance center

How I built it

using provide hosted add in using those technologies SharePoint online SharePoint add in (provider hosted add in) PowerShell Azure web app Azure Web job Azure SQL Database

Challenges I ran into

connecting to azure

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learnt a lot of stuff, finished an initial version of my app that can be a complete end to end product

What I learned

Learnt several technologies like web jobs and storing and retrieving data from azure

What's next for SharePoint Online Radar

create a UWP to support windows 10 devices

Built With

  • azure-sql-database
  • azure-web-app
  • azure-web-job
  • powershell
  • sharepoint-online
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