Searched a lot for SharePoint operation with UI Path tool. I didn't find any interesting reads or interesting answers. So decided to create easy to use reusable component for UI Path.

What it does

It will make RPA developer life is while perform operations on SharePoint Lists or Document Libraries.

How I built it

Used C# for development and SharePoint CSOM libraries to communicate with SharePoint.

Challenges I ran into

Faced lot of issues while executing Custom Activities, and SharePoint communication. It's a nice learn.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally created SharePoint Custom Activities reusable component, which is in running mode.

What I learned

How to create UI Path Custom Activities and learn UI Path Sutdio.

What's next for SharePoint Custom Activities

It can be enhanced with lot of options. Without using lot of UI reads and writes we can perform direct operations on SharePoint with CSOM. Expecting interested team members who can join with me to add more features to SharePoint Custom Activities.

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