User access management is a tedious task to perform when handled in large quantities. Also, the time taken to provide access to them is huge when it comes to sharepoint.

What it does

This Bot acts as your personal SharePoint assistant. And it does the access management part in a live fashion. Soon the bot will be able to understand and help you with all the SharePoint related queries and functions like site creation etc.

How I built it

The solution was built on top of MS bot framework. The Bot service is created and connected to the Business Layer of SharePoint client-side object model. Thus, this acts as a separate UI for your SharePoint site. All the conversations are intelligent with the NLP background.

Challenges I ran into

The tricky part here is training the LUIS datasets and using them inside the dialog chain. Yet another task is to authorize the changes made on the site, certainly identifying the Logged user details and verifying that user's privileges in the site.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This solution reduces the human effort spent to a great extent. And I am proud to say, that Resources can be used for better work rather than just managing user access in SharePoint. No need to provide costly SharePoint training to the users who need basic functionalities. Removing unnecessary waiting for the data access (Why to wait for something that you are already authorized for)

What I learned

The learning is still continuing. Constructing the dialogue flow should always be made with the end users/business users in mind. .Net is so powerful, you can integrate Everything.

What's next for SharePoint Do

This can be provided as SaaS for the SharePoint Organisations. Taking the Power of the chatbots to the next level we can even integrate Cloud Shell with our bot making this assistant available in all other fields like VM Creation, O365 Management etc.

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