I have seen people sitting 24x7 in front of their laptops and continuously checking for updates & latest news and all stuff. Why Spend time in searching and all just ask the bot and get your answer asap. U have the liberty to update the database timely. Making it more user friendly and a bit interesting to interact with the gifs

What it does

The bot answers almost all the questions Just start by saying Hiand there you go it give a prompt on how u can update the database. So once the fresh data is in you are ready to go and ask alll the questions. Latest ShareMarket news revenue of a stock current price and also the highest price of it

How we built it

It took a long time to built , encountered with many errors and new stuff . As we were python developers we had to built it using python and here webscrapping played and important rule and may stuff while webscrapping was to store the extracted Data in a specific format through which you can retrieve it easily without any complexity. We choose a json database to store so through which we could access stuff easily. Then to train the bot which made our task a bit easier. it was an awesome experience working on The user interface was also easy

Challenges we ran into

The Challenges we faced at the start was the echo of the message the bot was reading the same message again and again so which lead a big chaos for us and made a lot of threads to run at the same time. We then filtered out the requested data and then added some restrictions were we would check if echo is False

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Gained a New skill and Learned time management. Got introduces to a new stuff

What we learned

We learned a lot of new stuff got introduced to the docs is also awesome which helped us a lot in creating an innovating new stuffs

What's next for ShareMarket & Crypto-Currency Bot

Making it live. Would be making it without database so through which you could get the live details and wont need of any database so it would have live updates and also would be adding sentimental analysis which would help predict the future

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