ShareIT! Is an innovative web/mobile app that engages users to give back to their communities in an entertaining and enjoyable manner.

Inspired by the injustices and levels of inequality in Israeli society, ShareIT! promotes sustainable, socially conscious, environmentally responsible, ethical investing strategies that considers both financial return and social/planetary good.

ShareIT! encourages corporate/client target users to be actively involved in pro-social practices that promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human security, care for victims of violence the physically and emotionally challenged, social justice women's & youth issues, animal rights and diversity.

ShareIT! Current features allows clients to influence the banks decisions as to which causes their pro-social donations will be earmarked to, and the relative amount that will be granted to each cause.

ShareIT! seeks to generate added value approaches that will influence and govern how asset/bank managers invest portfolios and inspire proactive practices that will impact investing, empower shareholder advocacy and enable widespread community investing.

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