Share Files

This plugin lets you share the current file contents with someone, say tasks file, or some piece of code.

Share File | Upload

  • Use the key combination ctrl+alt+u share file with a specific name.
  • ping anyone the name, and your user token (and they can download it) done!

A key is shared, so that only users with your key 'll be able to see the files you've uploaded.

Download File

You can download your files in another machine, or download the files your friends have uploaded. It requires the shared user's key, and you can use file pattern to filter the result list. You 'll be able to see when the file being uploaded too.

  • Use the key combination ctrl+alt+d to download a file.
  • First input the shared user key/ default your user key is taken.
  • Search requires a filename to be given, it can be a regex pattern. Default all files 'll be list with .* pattern.
  • Search results 'll be displayed in popup, and once selected that files content will be available in a new tab.

Remove File

  • Use key combination ctrl+alt+r to remove a file
  • The files that you have uploaded 'll be displayed, when you choose a file that file 'll be removed from share.


  • Share Files with flag, Public, Friends (whoever have the key), Private (owner only)
  • copy use key, and share it with encryption

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