Because we all love food and hanging out with friends, we wanted to make a platform that would bring together friends and food. We settled on the idea of a social network revolving around restaurant wishlists.

What it does

We planned features that would utilize Google Maps API to display restaurants nearby, easily add restaurants to a wishlist, and view restaurants wishlisted and recommended by friends.

How we built it

We decided at the beginning that this project should be a way for us to explore technologies and services we haven't used before or wanted to explore more in depth. This is the way we chose our technology stack, with a frontend utilizing React and Material UI and a backend supported by Node.js, Express.js, and a MySQL database. We also wanted to test deploying our full stack web app to Microsoft Azure cloud services, as well as utilize Auth0 as our user authentication feature.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many technical challenges along the way, because we decided to tackle areas we weren't very familiar with. Our primary challenge was figuring out how to set up MySQL on the server-side and make that database setup accessible to everyone on the team. We had many questions, such as whether that database should be created locally or if we should utilize Microsoft Azure to support a remote database. Another challenge was figuring out how to use Microsoft Azure's Github Actions to deploy our combined frontend and backend together. We received a lot of help from the Microsoft mentors about how to work with Azure and ended up deploying just the React app to the frontend through the VS wizard for creating static web apps, though we still experience some issues trying to integrate Auth0 variables with Application Settings. We also sought help for deploying our Node.js server and MySQL database server separately on Microsoft Azure and we are still working on it up until project submission deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though we did not finish a workable prototype, we're really proud of what we managed to accomplish. From having no backend or database experience at all, we managed to set up a Node.js server with a separate MySQL server from scratch, connect it with a React frontend, and deploy parts of it onto Microsoft Azure.

What we learned

On the frontend side, we learned how to setup login with Auth0, utilize React Router and Material-UI to build a functional Drawer Sheet-styled navigation menu, use the useEffect hook to fetch and initialize data from the Node.js server api, and then deploy a basic web app on Microsoft Azure services. On the backend side, we learned how to setup a Express.js server, customize API routes, create and connect to a MySQL database server, and query the database to get and post items using a frontend connected to the Express.js API paths.

What's next for ShareEats

We came into this project with a goal of using industry technology we don't usually have the opportunity to use and we ended up learning a lot and gaining confidence with these technologies. This project gave us a good foundation that we can work with and build on after this hackathon.

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