When I go buy groceries I see a lot of deals like buy one get one free. I don't usually need that many of groceries... but I still want to use those deals!

What it does

So we came up with the idea to share deals with others What out website does is that users can post the information about deals that they want to share, and other users can go shopping with them. Therefore, we can still use great deals but we do not have to get too many of same product.

How we built it

We used cloud 9 as our developing environment to skip all those installation processes of ruby on rails. We also used bootstrap to enhance our design.

Challenges we ran into

Everything was the challenge for us because we were beginners of rails, so we struggled a lot and googled a lot for basically all the functionalities that we implemented. But if we choose one, implementation of searching function took us very long time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I would say everything. Every time our code worked, we were so excited and happy.

What's next for ShareDeals

We want to improve our design and add google map, so users can search and find people near by.

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