When marriages break down and there are children involved, they often become the quiet and unknowing victims of the conflict between their parents. We wanted to find a way that technology could help to reduce the level of conflict and improve the level communication about issues that affect the care of the children.

What it does

SharedCare is a mobile app available to everyone within the care network for children affected by their parents separating. This includes grand parents, aunts, family friends, babysitters, etc; not just the parents of the children. The app is used to share the care arrangements of the children in a non-confrontational way and have all of the communication about the care out in the open' for all to see. No more, he said this, she said that scenarios.


  • Care Group Management - one a care group is set up users can invite other members to the group. All they need to do is get the app and use the same email address to signup, and then they can accept the invitation to the group and have access to all of the info.
  • Newsfeed - users can communicate about the shared care arrangements for the kids by creating posts and attaching photos. Everything posted in the newsfeed can be viewed by everyone else in the care group.
  • Calendar - Events, appointments and important dates relating to the kids (e.g. friends birthday parties, sport times, etc) can be added to the calendar and shared with everyone else in the care group.
  • Expense Monitoring - one major area of conflict in shared care arrangements is who pays for what. The expenses section of that app provides a log of expenses relating to the kids with an option to attach a photo of the receipt.

How we built it

The app is built in Meteor using the meteor-ionic framework for the mobile views and transitions.

Packages used:

  • meteor-base
  • mobile-experience
  • mongo
  • blaze-html-templates
  • session
  • jquery
  • tracker
  • standard-minifiers
  • es5-shim
  • ecmascript
  • iron:router
  • fourseven:scss@2.0.0
  • meteoric:ionic-sass
  • meteoric:ionicons-sass
  • meteoric:ionic
  • fortawesome:fontawesome
  • momentjs:moment
  • meteoric:autoform-ionic
  • useraccounts:ionic
  • accounts-password
  • zimme:iron-router-active
  • matb33:collection-hooks
  • aldeed:collection2
  • aldeed:autoform
  • meteorhacks:subs-manager
  • ground:db
  • ongoworks:security
  • mrt:moment-timezone
  • okland:camera-ui
  • cfs:standard-packages
  • cfs:gridfs

Challenges we ran into

Once we knew what we were going to build, we didn't come across too many technical challenges. Trying to tame transitions in the route changes was probably our biggest issue, mainly because we didn't discover it was a problem until we tested the app on a device (right near the end of our 24hrs).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really happy with what we were able to do in 24 hours. While the app isn't really ready for primetime yet we were able to cram in a number of features that would have taken us days to implement in another framework or in a native app. Mike, our designer, turned around a great design for us to apply to that app and the integration with the camera turned out really well.

What we learned

I'm glad we put together a pretty good plan at the start of the hackathon, but I think we could have done more to break down each task at the start so we could have better visibility of how much was still required to do and then make adjustments to the feature list if necessary.

What's next for SharedCare

The app we produced over the weekend is a proof of concept for using Meteor for this app. We will put it through its paces over the next few days and then add in some more functionality before we do some user testing and release to the app stores. it

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