Around the world, cities are becoming overrun by e-scooter and ride-sharing companies.

What's the problem?

These companies aren't built to serve riders.

These companies are built to commodify us -- and our personal data.

And in the race to define 21st Century transportation, that's a scary thought.

-- But in our communities, we already have all of the vehicles that these companies are offering.

So instead of allowing their system to take over our cities, we're building a system for us.

What it does

The Shared Mobility Protocol is a vehicle-agnostic base layer for community ridesharing.

It allows:

  1. Owners to activate a personal vehicle on a ridehsharing network
  2. Riders to unlock a vehicle, use it, and re-lock the vehicle
  3. An exchange of value between the ecosystem participants, based on Rider activity

What's next for Shared Mobility Protocol

Partnering with local governments and communities to make the Shared Mobility Protocol a reality.

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