Wanted to learn React, Google Maps, and Firebase

What it does

Sharing markers on the map with text and icon selection. Can create and edit own markers and view other users.

How we built it

Built with React framework and Google Maps APIs, then using Firebase on the backend to store the markers. Also used Firebase and auth for user login. Made use of Google Maps geocoder, marker, infowindow, searchbox, as well as geofire for geohashing.

Challenges we ran into

Learning React and implementing Google Maps without using a third-party library or module. Then finding a database that can store this and learning Firebase. There is still some issues with the deployment on heroku as well, the site may take multiple tries to load it up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Marker selection and making the Infowindow work with React and using JSX Elements inside of one.

What we learned

Learning React and Firebase, making use of additional features in Google Maps and all the APIs.

What's next for Shared Markers

Perhaps looking at a WebGL Overlay so the markers can be more interactive and more customizable. As well as allowing other content uploading for these markers so users can put in photos, etc.

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